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About ENS - European nail school

Our mission

In the nail technician school, due to the constant changes of the fashion, the permanent self-education is essential in our profession. The client always asks for the newest techniques and decorations from her nail technician. Besides this, by acknowledging new knowledge, we are improving ourselves, and our work will be more precise and perfect.

Everybody needs education and improvement. There is no nail technician, who knows every type of technique and decoration. Even the educator can learn small movements and tricks from her own students. There is no the level where you could not develop further.

It’s a cliché, but it is true: in this profession, there is no stop. You have to keep up with the changing of the fashion, the permanent development of the materials and the launch of the newest techniques and decorations. In addition, you can improve your work. On the technical courses you get to know the proper order of use of the materials, and you can learn why does the nail comes off or breaks.

The nail art courses help you to eliminate the smaller mistakes, and you can learn the secrets of how to place the patterns, and the tricks of color synchronization.


Because we love what we do...

We carefully select our staff and attract the best teachers. Our friendly educators are excellent tutors who truly care about their students. They will “go the extra mile” to make their students as satisfied as possible and to assist them with any of their questions or concerns.

Small-group (usually up to 6 people) of students provides an environment in which they can feel comfortable practicing and receiving feedback and teacher can offer additional teaching and modeling with plenty of time for hands on practice.

Small groups mean individual attention and more fun during classes!


Crystal Nails European Education System