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Camila Violante


I have a career in the beauty industry for around 15 years now , I started as a Hair colorist , Make up artist and in 2007 I started in the beautiful world of nails.
One of my passions it's to create ,compete, and teach my knowledge or experience to others that share the same passion for nails!
One of my goals it's keep learning and preparing myself to grow in my carrer, so I am able to transmit the right knowledge to my students and contribute to their success!
That's one of the many reasons I chose to be an educator for Crystal Nails, not only because of the high standards, excellent quality of the products and education, but because the constantly innovation and development of new products, techniques and education we have as part of this amazing worldwide brand that allow us educators to succeed in our careers in the Nail Industry!

Acrylic sculpting courses

A1 Beginner Acrylic Course
A2 Popular Salon Shapes with Acryl
A3 Mini Acrylic Sculpting       
A4 Acrylic Extreme Shapes I.
A5 Acrylic Extreme Shapes II.
Nail Art Courses
D1 Fine Line Course
D5 Glamorous Aquarell I.
D6 Extreme Aquarell II.
D7 Gel Fashion Design Mix
D8 Favorite Royal Gel Painting I.
D11 3D Acrylic Salon Art I.
D12 Pastel Dream 3D Acrylic II.
D13 3D Acrylic Jewelry Making Course
D14 Salon Silk Flat Acrylic Design

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