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Nail art courses

Enhancement technical courses - Working with gels

Educator: DeeDee Desbiens

Want to learn beautiful Enhancements & quicker fill ins even with the most imperfect nails? Or pretty double color fills with art in less time? We will cover everything from proper prep & finish the Crystal Nails Way!

Course fee:


GOAL: To apply a beautiful smile line even with the most imperfect nail beds. Nail bed elongation for those tiny natural nails. Custom Form Fit for proper nail extension and to improve your filing & finishing skills


Product Supply List:
One hand free of product or nail trainer hand
Acid Free Primer/Primer
Dust brush
Cuticle Tool
Files & Buffers
Nail Scissors
Pinching Clamp or Pinching Tweezers
Gel Sculpting Brushes
Cuticle Tool
UV/LED lamp
You may also bring your efile, table lamp, table towels and extension cord
I will provide a gel trial kit, wipes & cleanser I will also bring products for purchase purchase it you may bring your own.

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