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In this site you can receive detailed information on the nail technician courses of  Elite Cosmetix USA Inc - Crystal Nails USA. You have also the possibilty to apply the announced courses.

The courses are organized by Elite Cosmetix USA Inc.

You can get to to the deatils of the courses by checking COURSES menu item, in a categorized form. You can use the Quick search function at the homepage.

Course date

You can find the course dates at the end of the course details, and by using the course calendar. You can apply the course dates by clicking on the "JOIN NOW" button, and you can ask information by clicking on the "ARE YOU INTERESTED?" button.


You can apply to the courses by clicking on the JOIN now button and by filling out the application form. If you are signed in, your data will appear automatically, in the lack of this, please provide the essential information.

Your opinion is important to us. We would like to improve the quality of our nail tech courses to get you satisfied. Please send us your comments, opinions, suggestions -  at the Review menu - (on the courses, educators, portals) by filling these gaps