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How to choose a nail course?

Posted on December 11, 2014, 10:51 am | Los Angeles | by Administrator

Which one should you choose? It depends on, what kind of problem would you like to solve.

Which one should you choose?
 It depends on, what kind of problem would you like to solve. If you are a fresh graduate nail technician, you should choose the basic technical courses, or the nail art courses which teach you the simpler patterns. If you would like to learn new shapes, and nail art design, you can choose according to your clients need. And they will ask for the patterns, what you show them.
In which order?
If you already know the official techniques, materials and their characteristics well, then it is worth to participate in a whole day long technical course. Here you can learn shapes, what are missing from the basic course. In case of nail art courses it is better to start with the less difficult ones: when these patterns are well practiced, you can continue to improve your skills and apply for an advanced course.
How often?
In order to keep up with the fashion, it is useful to participate courses each month. It is worth to repeat them in a certain period of time. We renew the courses regularly: new patterns, new materials. Besides it even the educator improves herself, gains more practice and learns new ways of explanation. As her work changes, she teaches easier techniques and more precise executions. Not to mention that new materials and techniques are launched frequently, what always become the part of the trainings.

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