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Katy Miller


Katy achieved International Educator level in Orlando, FL. therefore she is entitled to hold the following courses;
Acrylic sculpting courses:
A1 Beginner Acrylic Course
A2 Popular Salon Shapes with Acryl
A3 Mini Acrylic Sculpting       
A4 Acrylic Extreme Shapes I.
A6 Acrylic Refill Course with E-drill
Gel sculpting courses
G1 Beginner Gel Course
G2 Popular Salon Shapes with Gel
G6 Gel Refill Course with E-drill
CrystaLac (gel polish) courses:
CL1 CrystaLac Salon Nail Art (1Step, 3Step, Easy Off Hardener Gel, Cover Pro)
Nail Art courses:
D1 Fine Line Course
D3 One Move I. Favorite Flowers
D7 Gel Fashion Design Mix
D11 3D Acrylic Salon Art I.
D12 Pastel Dream 3D Acrylic II.
D13 3D Acrylic Jewelry Making Course

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