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Nail art courses

Nail Art courses - Celebration of Nail Art Designs

Educator: Henrietta Almasi

An extraordinary class with four educators from the Nail Innovator: Almasi Henrietta, Guin Deadman, Phoenix VanDyke, Monika Cornier.

Course fee:


Includes an exclusive Crystal Nails Kit (Easy Powder Cover+, Easy Powder Pink+, Easy Powder White+. Royal Gel, One Step Crystalac), 0 short and One Move II+ art brushes and a holographic stamped internationally registered certification 

What you will learn

One Move Nail Art
You will learn how to create well-known One Move flowers and designs created by mixing and moving the one-move brush. You will also learn how to use the tools and techniques to create fine art for nails, as well as color and design theory.
Gel Nail Art with ChroMe
For those wishing to advance their nail art designs with Royal gel painting and ChroMe gel polish designs. On top of an enhancement this gel art course will show you ways of including gel nail art into your services.

What to bring?

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