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Nail Art courses - Gel manicure course

CrystaLac gel polish and nail art course

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Learn the newest in Gel Manicure products and techniques. Easy off system, Classic CrystaLac, Tiger Eye, ChroMe, and the amazing new ONE STEP. No base coat, no top coat, one coat of color and no cleanse. The newest innovations in the gel manicure world can be found right here. Did you know CrystaLac can change color when you are hot and cold? Let us show you!


Cuticle pusher, pdust brush, buffer,One Move acryl paints, nail art brush eg.: Barbara II., #6 gel brush,0 Short brush, Nail Prep or Spray Prep, Base Gel, Easy Off Gel, Easy Off Top Gel or #0 CrystaLac, CoverPRO kit, your favorite CrystaLac colors, glitter powder, rhinestones,tip glue, Cleanser, lint-free towel, nail art needle.

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Gel manicure course