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Privacy Policy

This policy contains the terms of use and privacy policy of the ENS website.
The registration- linked functions can only used by natural persons over the age of 16. Everybody can use the services without restrictions, where registration is not needed. and portals work with the same database, so if you register to one of the portals the opportunity will be provided to enter the other site.  Rules for the use of the portal for can be found at the Privacy policy of the webshop.
Data that was given in order to apply for courses (ex. registration, uploaded pictures) are handled by Elite Cosmetix Ltd. (hereafter the Data manager). 

With the filling of the forms and uploading of different contents, the user gives permission to the data manager to store and use this data in a defined way.

The Data manager stores the following data of the user: purchased courses, data related to the courses in order to prove the performance of the contract, or to take discount offers.

The data manager does not give out the data of the user to a third party, unless it cooperates as a subcontractor of the data manager. For instance: the franchise partners or the educators of the Data manger.

The user can delete, modify the data on a given administration interface and can request their cancellation. In case of newsletters, there is a chance to unsubscribe, by clicking on the „Unsubscribe” button, at the bottom of the newsletter.