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Yire Castillo


With influences early in life to become an artist, Yire has been drawn to the nail industry which opens a wider field to show his passion for the arts. With a background in watercolors, sketching, cartooning, color theory, design and photography, his mentors say he paints from the heart. Yire has shown what it takes to stand out by showing his talents in the nails industry and competitions. Yires work has been featured in well recognized magazines such as NAILPRO, Nailsmagazine, Vietsalon, Londons Scratch Magazine, Tipzine magazine. You can also follow Yires journey as a blogger in his Youtube Channels where you will be able to experience his love for teaching and shearing his knowledge in nails. Yire is currently one of the Top Award Winner US competitors with 13 medals from 2013-2015 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals.
For all of these and more there is to come from Yire we highly recommend anyone who wants to maximize their performance as a nail tech in a salon environment  or at a professional level as a competitor, to attend a class with us and learn the artistry of nails from Yire as a Top Nail Star Educator.

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